Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lovin' the Dress and Gown!

Hi everyone welcome to my Blog! let me walk you to our Photo shoot last November 19,2011 at Meycauayan Bulacan. 

This first shot was really nice and very exciting besides the fact that my model is so pretty and I have a wonderful staff.

At first Shannie was so scared and kind of uneasy and not sure what to do or how to pose but eventually she nailed it and enjoyed what she's doing.

To give her more confidence and reduce the tension we asked our male model to join her in this prom night themed photo shoot.

I personally like this shot for it was like a pre-nup shot because of the lifting and the flow of the gown i just like it.
I'd like you to meet my 2nd model Christine and she has the built for a model to be.haha I'm so glad to work with this young lady.
what she's wearing is a floor length black silk dress and has a velvet sheering fabric in the middle of the gown from top to bottom.

This is a huge gate and so happy that it was Christine who took pictures in front of that romantic gate!

For my next model she is Ruth sister of christine and what she's wearing is an inspire machesa gown wore by kate backinsale.If you desire to wear this one of course you may rent it or buy it.

This is Roma sis of shannie my 1st model remember?she's cute and edgy and i love her skin also how she carry this evening gown.perfect for formal gatherings and special dinner.

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