Tuesday, November 22, 2011

close to my heart

looking at the road and cars passing by. oh di ba as if i am looking at something and thinking of someone.that's what I call emotera.haha
I would like you guys to meet my mom..she inspires me thru a lot of things, from making my own dresses and costumes and even accessories,she's like a "superwoman/supermom" to me and to my siblings!

spell haggard, brown see-thru-maong shorts-and brown clogs plus BIG OILY FACE!haha
This was taken while riding on a bus heading to Lrt stations with my bunchy, my task is to make sama him for his enrollement.ehhe feels like mother/gf for a day.its fun we ate fishballs and "tokneneng" delicious.

This two fine young man are both single and available haha they love to take pictures especially the one on the farthest right haha that's TJ and in the middle is Jimuel, they are also good musicians.

At mcdonald's store my youth core leaders held a fun meeting while drinking something cold float..hehe may hot float ba?joke.kidding aside they are precious to me, true sisters and brothers in Christ.
side pics after the meeting,,believe me it took me how many shot before my camera convinced me to stop and realize that i already have a good shot.hehe
I feel pretty that's what i have in mind while taking this close up shots of mine.hehe what do u think?

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